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By Hadas Kuznits

They’re going gaga for Gaga in Philadelphia.

KYW’s Hadas Kuznits reports some ticket-holders in crazy costumes and skimpy negligees welcomed Lady Gaga on Tuesday night in her first of two concerts at the Wells Fargo Center.

(Man:) “You’ve got to get all dressed up, glammed up!”

Emulating the performer who often shocks with the threads — or other materials — she chooses to don, many of the concert-goers wore things that likely wouldn’t fly anywhere near the office:

(Man:) “Metallic blue hot pants.”

(Kuznits:) You are out at a concert wearing full-on underwear!

(Woman:) “Hello?  In the spirit of Lady Gaga, what else would you wear?”

(Kuznits:) You’re wearing nothing!

(Woman:) “Yeah, basically!”

(Man:) “This is actually the first time I have walked in high heels.  It’s a little difficult!”

(Kuznits:) Do you have a favorite Lady Gaga fashion moment?

(Woman:) “The meat dress! The meat dress!” (above)

(Kuznits:) Have people been commenting on your meat hat?

(Woman:) “Yes, they’ve been laughing!”

Fans say they were super-excited to see Lady Gaga in her first performance since her appearance at the MTV Video Music Awards:

(Woman:) “She took 8 [awards] out of 13 home with her!  Are you kidding me?  This is absolutely amazing to be here!”

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