Bridget Foy’s Restaurant now has special programs for kids.

foy bridgetsp Bridget Foys Holds Cooking Classes for Kids

KYW’s Hadas Kuznits reports Bridget Foy (photo) of Bridget Foy’s Restaurant on South Street says weekends at her establishment are now all about the kids:

“On Saturday mornings we’re going to start some cooking classes for kids ages 7-12 and we’re going to gear them towards healthy eating.”

And at the end of September, they’re even taking their mission of childhood healthy eating on the road:

“We’re going to Sharswood Elementary School at 2nd and Wolf and we are doing a healthy lunch challenge, kind of ala Top Chef where we’re going to go in and offer them two healthy lunch options and the kids are going to vote and pick a winner and that dish is going to get featured on the new kids menu.”

And she says after the competition, they’ll have a special cooking class for the kids at the school.

(Photo by KYW’s Hadas Kuznits)

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