Jews across the Delaware Valley are celebrating the high holidays. So what’s for dinner?

KYW’s Hadas Kuznits reports that Zahav Restaurant chef/owner Michael Solomonoff says for the Jewish high holidays, you don’t have to cook the same old things:

“I think that there’s sort of a misconception that brisket and matzoh ball soup has got to be served at every holiday.”

In fact, the Jewish New Year is not about the savory at all:

“The theme is sort of to welcome a sweet new year, you’re always supposed to have something sweet. Typically it’s an apple and honey (tapuach and dvash) and in Israel a lot of pomegranate seeds, too.”

Need a quick recipe?

“The tsimis dish I think is great — carrot, raisin, pinenut, parsley is a perfect combination. I like actually just taking raw carrots, grating them, squeezing orange juice and cumin and salt on top of them and letting them sit at room temperature for a few hours and then mixing that with parsley and pinenuts and raisins.”

Listen to the podcast:

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