Philadelphia police are trying to find the vandals who struck a school in the Feltonville neighborhood just before the new school year began.

KYW’s Mike DeNardo reports
that except for the smell of fresh paint, students arriving for the first day of classes at the Feltonville Intermediate School, in the 200 block of East Wyoming Avenue, probably didn’t realize their school had been vandalized over the weekend.

District spokesman Fernando Gallard says the vandals apparently climbed up a crane against the building and got into the second floor:

“They grafittied the classrooms, they actually threw things on the floor, and they damaged some computers.  And they actually took three computers.”

The vandalism was discovered around 5pm Sunday, when the school’s security alarm went off.

A crew worked on Labor Day to repair the doors and windows, paint over the graffiti, and clean up some oil the vandals had spilled.

Gallard did not know whether the vandals were captured on security video.

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