A local personal development expert says back to school is the time for parents to develop new habits that will lead to a better path for their children.

KYW’S Karin Phillips reports Teressa Moore Griffin (photo) is a personal development expert who, among other things, helps parents avoid leading their children down a path to an unfulfilling life.

She says parents need to show more interest in their children without playing bad cop, and questions about school is a perfect way to start:

“It’s fine to ask that famous question, ‘How was your day?’ and get the “fine.” But then follow up with a probe. Ask another question, ‘Well, tell me, what did you like about today? Tell me two things that you learned.’ Approach the question with interest and not with inquisition.”

Moore Griffin also says it’s important for parents to know the difference between I can’t and I won’t and to encourage their children to experiment and experience. To know more, go to spiritofpurpose.com.

Listen to extended interview: