brett favre jenn sterger 20100805060756 To Tweet or Not To Tweet

That is the question. Are we really so self absorbed that we need to share our inner most thoughts regardless of who gets hurt including ourselves?
Chad Ochocinco needed to share with the world that the Eagles hit him too hard and it cost him 25,000 dollars because the NFL would much rather he concentrate on the game.  Maybe the hit made him so delusional  that he really thinks the world cares what he thinks.
Marcus Jordan, son of Michael twitttered about spending 35,000 at Haze and Aria Resort Casino. causing an investigation into MGM Resorts because Marcus is only 19 years old and you need to be 21. Marcus told a Fox Sports website that  the tweet was a mistake and he spoke to both parents about it. Hopefully they told him what goes on in Vegas,stays in Vegas.
Mike Wise, a sports columnist for the Washington Post, needed to twitter false information about Ben Rothlesberger to see what news organizations would pick it up. Why?  This cost him a months suspension. What did he think was going  to happen? As a journalist, doesn’t it go completely against your grain to put out anything false? Wise said in a statment on the Washington Post website that he always believed that things said in a stream of consciousness or typed on a whim for schtick on a radio show would somehow disappear in the ether , fly away in cyberspace. Maybe it’s me but I didn’t see misreporting Ben Rothlesbergers suspension time as funny or schtick. If you’re a writer, why would you want what you write or say to just disappear? Especially if it were so important that it needed to be twittered to all who follow. Not exactly a Wise move.But Bret Farve alledgedly can beat it, Deadspin reports he alledgedly sexted pictures of his “Little Packer” to  Jet greeter girl Jenn Sterger who later became a sports talk host. Suprisingly no one questioned him on this at his comeback press conference. When I tried to get her on the radio I recieved an e-mail from her rep telling me she has no comment on the situation. which is not exactly a denial. If I did that, I’d have to add a caption saying objects in this picture may be smaller than they appear!