New Jersey governor Chris Christie has begun the formal process to get the state out of the broadcasting business, submitting a plan to the legislature for its approval.

njn NJ Governor Moves to Get Rid of New Jersey Network

KYW’s David Madden reports the state budget only provides enough funding to get the New Jersey Network through to the end of the year.

Deputy press secretary Kevin Roberts says the Governor does not want to put NJN out of business, just get the state out of paying for it. So the idea is to transfer, perhaps even sell the network’s TV and radio assets.:

“Does it land with another public television entity somewhere else in the country that can basically step in and take over NJN and continue administering it or is it something that is going to be taken over by a more private business-like entity?”

Formal layoff notices are going out to some 120 union workers at the network since they’ll be severed from state employment once the transfer takes place. Democrats in the legislature insist they will ensure NJN isn’t just given away.

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