In New Jersey’s third congressional district, congressman John Adler is being challenged by former Eagles lineman Jon Runyan.

KYW’s Larry Kane moderated their first TV debate. For Runyan, it’s a new playing field. For the Democrat Adler, a chance for a second term.

On a key issue, the Ground Zero mosque:

(Runyan:) “Freedom of religion is a staple of the Constitution of the United States . To go through that process, it’s tasteless and insensitive and I really believe lacks a lot of common sense.”

(Adler:) “I think decency would suggest moving the mosque away, moving the Islamic Center away, and finding an opportunity maybe through the Archbishop of New York to bridge the cultures and have people reach out to celebrate the best of America in a way that’s respectful to the families that are still suffering.”

The pair squares off in open debate on Sunday during “Voice of Reason” at 9:30pm on the Comcast network.