In the wake of the exploding Carl Greene controversy (see related stories), Mayor Nutter today told the board that runs the Philadelphia Housing Authority that Greene should be cut loose if reports of sexual misconduct are accurate.

greenenutter full Nutter Makes Qualified Call for PHA Boss Greene's Ouster

(Mayor Nutter, left, and Carl Greene in file photos.)

KYW’s Mike Dunn reports from City Hall that Nutter has sent a letter to the PHA board stating point-blank that Carl Greene’s position at PHA should be “terminated” if reports are accurate that PHA made out-of-court settlements with female workers who accused Greene of sexual harassment.

Nutter is skeptical of claims by some board members that they knew nothing of the settlements:

“It’s a little hard to believe at this point that all of these things could be going on and the board would know nothing about any of it.”

Nutter wants the board to let federal officials begin what he calls “an extensive investigation” into a wide range of recent revelations about the Authority.

Read Mayor Nutter’s Full Letter to PHA chairman John Street

The PHA board meets Thursday and is widely expected to vote on changing Greene’s status.

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