The “buttercream cupcake lady” of Philadelphia expects to be back in business today after she temporarily lost her truck when city License and Inspection agents seized it in University City on Tuesday.

KYW’s Mark Abrams reports that Kate Carrara, AKA the ‘Cupcake Truck lady‘ here in Philadelphia because of the thousands of tasty treats she sells from a converted postal truck.

On Tuesday, she says on her website she was put out of business temporarily after setting up on Market Street near 33rd street outside Drexel’s Law School.

She planned to be there for a short stint, but Carrara says when she arrived, city L & I agents were waiting:

“Usually it’s just a couple of hours but they had printed out my website so they knew where I was going to be. They were waiting for me. And they just came and took the truck.”

She tells the Philadelphia Inquirer that her husband got the truck back after paying $200.

Carrara says on her website this wasn’t the first time she has had a run-in with L & I in University City and she sought a clarification on where “roaming trucks” like hers could be set up.

She says despite efforts to get a copy of the law, she was unsuccessful.

She says on the website says an L & I inspector warned her a few weeks ago if she was spotted in University City again, the truck would be seized.

Today, Carrara says she expects to be at Love Park from 10am to 2pm.

In the meantime, Carrara says on her website she’ll go to City Council to seek help amending the vending law.