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Philadelphia police are searching for a man who jumped out of the woods early Tuesday morning near Pennypack Trail and attempted to abduct and assault a woman.

holmesburg assault1 Naked Man Attacks Woman Near Pennypack Trail

KYW’s Mark Abrams reports police say it happened in the Holmesburg section shortly before 1am.

They say a woman in her late 20s to early 30s was walking along Frankford Avenue when a naked man came out from the woods along the Pennypack Trail, ran across Frankford Avenue and onto the sidewalk where the woman was walking.

Police say he grabbed her hair and told her she was coming with him.

But police say the woman broke free and began running up the middle of Frankford Avenue screaming for help.

Investigators say a school police officer happened to be passing in the area at the time, saw the commotion, stopped to help the woman and called for other police units.

A police K-9 unit arrived to begin a search of the wooded area but failed to find the man or any trace of his clothing.

Police say the woman described him as a white male with blonde hair, about six feet tall, with no unusual features or tattoos.

The woman was taken to the Police Special Victims Unit.

(Photo by KYW’s Mark Abrams)

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