Pennsylvania’s new and growing casino industry is giving Atlantic City a run for its money.  But Joe Piscopo, a veteran entertainer who has appeared in A.C. for years, believes it’s still a winner.

piscopo and longoria 600x4001 Entertainer Joe Piscopo Returning to Atlantic City

(Joe Piscopo will appear with Michael Longoria)

KYW’s Cheryl Elias reports trans Entertainer Joe Piscopo Returning to Atlantic CityAtlantic City has a history of attracting audiences with its  headliners.  Joe Piscopo is among them.  He’s been receiving rave reviews and applause there since his Saturday Night Live days in the 1980s.

Piscopo (left in photo) will be at Caesars August 28th for the world premiere of a big stage show called “That’s Life,” when he will resurrect his impression of Frank Sinatra and will bring along the star of Broadway’s “Jersey Boys” – Michael Longoria (right):

(Piscopo:) “I’m proud to go back to Caesar’s because that’s where I started.”

(Elias:) “So what went wrong along the way?”

(Piscopo:) “Got over-confident, they said we’re the only game in town, they never gave a dime back.”

He says all it needs is for them to clean up the streets and bring in family-friendly attractions.

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