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After a year of research, study and restoration, Thomas Eakins’ The Gross Clinic, is the centerpiece of a new exhibition at the Perelman Building of the Philadelphia Museum of Art.

Radio:  “Gross Clinic”, Exhibition Centerpiece:

gross "Gross Clinic" is Back on Display

KYW’s Karin Phillips reports David Brigham, president and CEO of the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts, says there’s a good reason why The Gross Clinic is sometimes called America’s greatest painting:

“It is celebrating medical and scientific innovation. It is also a painting that has a great emotional impact.”

Seeing the Gross Clinic Anew examines the creation of the masterpiece, its initial reception and the restoration process. Brigham says PAFA, which co-owns The Gross Clinic, will host its own exhibition next January:

“At the Academy, we’re both an art school and an art museum so it will influence the next generation of painters.”

For more info, go to philamuseum.org.

Longer Interview: The “Gross Clinic” Is Back On Display

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