The public is invited to a special ceremony on Saturday that will renew the friendship between a local native American nation and the people of Pennsylvania.

KYW’s Karin Phillips reports that the Lenape nation, which is what it is called in Pennsylvania, was here before the first Dutch settlers and before William Penn. Shelly DePaul is assistant chief of the Lenape nation of Pennsylvania:

“The Lenape people were very friendly with the first settlers here and offered our food and our friendship originally. So I think the renewed word is probably key.”

The Lenape nation began signing treaties with community organizations and supporters in 2002 and holds an official treaty signing every four years. This year, individuals who want to help the Lenape care for the land and educate others about the nation will be invited to sign.

There’s a noon ceremony at the Penn Museum on Saturday.

Listen to the full interview below.

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