Carl Greene, the embattled director of the Philadelphia Housing Authority, is publicly denying allegations that he groped a female worker.  And he blames his foreclosure problems on inattentiveness to his personal finances.

KYW’s Mike Dunn reports that after a week of silence, Greene spoke today.

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greene carl4 PHA Director Greene Admits Personal Financial Sloppiness

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Greene (right) admits that it is ironic that a Housing Authority chief ended up in his own housing crisis:

“Even a doctor needs a doctor.  In this case, even a housing expert can’t be his own housing expert.”

And he blames it on failure to pay attention to paying the bills:

“It was totally a case of me not having a balance between my personal life and my professional life, and letting the mail pile up.”

Greene does say that his automatic monthly mortgage payments were held up because of an IRS lien on his accounts.  And although he has settled the matter, he still disputes the IRS’ claim that he had outside income.

Regarding claims by a female PHA worker that he made sexual advances toward her, Greene says the allegations are false and that her attorney is trying to bring him down:

“His objective is: I don’t want to win the case, I want to destroy the other side.”

The attorney, John Elliott, describes Greene as a “serial sexual predator.”

The PHA board is convening next week to discuss all matters related to Greene’s leadership.  He says he does not yet know whether he’ll appear at the meeting.

But Greene defends his tenure at the PHA and says he hopes to continue in the position, which he has held since 1999.

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