For the first time, the two major party candidates for Pennsylvania’s 7th congressional district faced each other in a TV debate.

KYW’s Larry Kane, moderating the debate, reports that this one was exciting. The face off was mostly on the issues, but on the politics, Lentz tried to link Meehan to the Tea Party and Meehan struck back:

Lentz: “Pat has sought out and is campaigning as a Tea Partier. He’s going to come here today and tell you that he is…”

Meehan: “Now, that is factually inaccurate. I’m a Republican candidate running as, and happy to have, the support [of the Republican party]. It’s just not right to suggest — Brian is trying to recast this so he can run against some kind of a objective, but that’s not who I am.”

Meehan-Lentz: A TV debate, head-to-head on Sunday at 9:30pm for “Voice of Reason” on the Comcast network.

Hear more of the debate below.