“Restaurant Week” begins next month in center city Philadelphia. 


(Carmelo D'Angelo, 13-year-old son of restaurant owner Sal D'Angelo, helps to promote Restaurant Week.)


KYW’s Hadas Kuznits reports that restaurateurs and officials of the Center City District promoted Restaurant Week here on the streets of Philadelphia by giving away free samples.  Kristen Linker is manager of marketing and events: 

“This time around for September we have over 125 restaurants participating, and you can go to any of these restaurants and get a three-course dinner for only $35.  Or you can also go to some of them and get a three-course lunch for only $20.” 

This upcoming Restaurant Week is actually two weeks long — it takes place September 12th through 24th (except for Saturday nights). 

For a list of participating restaurants, visit www.centercityphila.org

Linker says this is the 14th semi-annual promotion, which they’ve been doing  for seven years: 

“We do have a few new restaurants participating, and we have our highest number to date of participating restaurants.” 

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 (Photo by KYW’s Hadas Kuznits)