Former Philadelphia mayor John Street, who still serves the chairman of the board of the Philadelphia Housing Authority, says embattled PHA executive director Carl Greene is not returning his — or anyone else’s — phone calls.

greene carl PHA Board Chairman Seeks Callback from Exec. Dir. Greene

(Carl Greene, in file photo)

KYW’s Mike Dunn reports that this follows published reports saying that Greene’s condo is in foreclosure and that he owed back taxes.

(Street:)  “I called his office and left messages, but I have not been able to speak with him.”

Street is clearly frustrated that he has not heard from Greene, after news reports disclosed Greene’s condo had been foreclosed on, and that the IRS last year filed a lien for back taxes:

“We are a little concerned that we haven’t heard from him, because there may be some very reasonable explanations for it that we can have that would make everybody more comfortable.  So we are hoping that we hear from him over the course of the next day or so.”

Street says Greene and the PHA board owe the public what he called “a level of transparency” about what’s going on.

Street says Greene’s situation could come when PHA board meets next, on August 25th:

“And based on the information we get between now and then, a judgment will be made whether or not the board needs to take any kind of official action.”

Greene also did not return KYW’s phone calls seeking comment.

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