The Doylestown Borough council has passed an ordinance that protects the rights of the borough’s gay and lesbian citizens.

gay flag hand Doylestown Council Takes Step To Protect Gay Rights

KYW’s Jim Melwert reports the council voted unanimously to pass the ordinance which outlaws discrimination in housing, employment and in public accommodations on the basis of sexual orientation, or gender identity. 

Some in the crowd wondering if this wasn’t redundant offering protections already offered by federal or state law.  Council man Don Berk:

“Absolutely not.  The federal government does not protect members of the LGBTQA, 21 states have ruled this way.  The District of Columbia has, 16 municipalities in Pennsylvania, but Pennsylvania hasn’t done it yet, so hopefully this will send a message up to Harrisburg.”

Many who support the basis of the ordinance are concerned about cost and about who will pay for the newly created human relations commission in Doylestown Borough.  Supporters though, say what better way to spend tax dollars than on civil rights.

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