Buying college text books can really make a dent in a student’s budget, but a growing trend lets you save money and space by renting books.

KYW’s Lynne Adkins reports that students at Camden County College can now save a bundle on some of their textbooks.

textbooks  Area College Offers Money Saving Textbook Rentals
David Chojnaki, director of business services at the college, says a quarter of the titles are now available to rent for the semester — all you need is a valid credit card:

“They simple take it to the cash register, give their credit card number, pay 50 percent of the cost of the new textbook — that’s the rental price.  They can highlight it, put notes in it, and bring it back at the end of the term.  And as long as it’s usable for the next term, there are no additional fees.”

Several major online textbook sellers also offer rentals, which Chojnaki says are an even cheaper alternative to used books.

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