The flight attendant who cursed at a rude passenger then grabbed a couple of beers  and pulled the emergency chute on a Jet Blue flight is being embraced by sympathizers on the Internet.  One pilot has even started an online “Steven Slater Legal Defense Fund.”

KYW’s Kim Glovas talked to commuters in Philadelphia about how they would quit their jobs — if they could.

People were mostly of the same mind.  Most wouldn’t quit like Steven Slater did:

“Not with a beer in my hand or jump out a chute.  But, uh, I’d probably be pretty conservative if I quit my job, nothing exciting.”

Estefan doesn’t like to burn bridges when he leaves a job:

“Well, you always need a reference.  When you quit a job you will look for another job, so you would like your new employer to call your former employer to get a reference for you.  So you need to leave in a nice way. ”

A couple of people did say they would quit — but only if they won the lottery first.