Attention star gazers: The Perseid meteor showers peak on Thursday night.

KYW’s Margie Smith reports that Perseus was the hero of Greek mythology who rescued the princess Andromeda from Poseidon’s sea monster and got immortalized in the sky for his efforts.

One of the most spectacular celestial shows now emanates from his constellation and mere earthlings can enjoy it — no extraordinary measures necessary.

“This is the kind of astronomical event that does not require any additional optical aid at all.”
Franklin Institute chief astronomer Derrick Pitts says leave the telescope and binoculars at home:

“Take a nice lawn chair that you can lie back on, take a radio, take some friends, make a little party out of it and just have a great time observing the night sky.”

The show starts as soon as the sun goes down, but viewing may be difficult through the clouds. AccuWeather was calling for a mostly cloudy night.

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