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crocodylus2 Endangered Croc Settles in at Norristown Zoo
A crocodile confiscated in a cramped warehouse in Milwaukee earlier this year has found a new home at a zoo in Norristown, Pa.

KYW’s Brad Segall reports a crocodile that was once housed in a box in Milwaukee is now settling in at the Elmwood Park Zoo in Norristown.elmwoodzoo Endangered Croc Settles in at Norristown Zoo

Because of the animal’s lack of adequate space in its box, the endangered croc’s nose is now pointed upwards.

The 6½ foot American crocodile was one of 230 animals discovered in the warehouse.  He was brought to Norristown after Zoo officials heard about the incident.

Zoo curator Dave Wood:

“There was a confiscation by US Fish and Wildlife and a request went out to AZA-accredited facilities to help find homes for the animals that were confiscated.”

The rescued male crocodile is unnamed, and the zoo is holding a contest to name its latest addition.  Log onto their Facebook page to submit your entry.  The winner will be announced Labor Day weekend.

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