Governor Rendell is downplaying the idea that he’s angling for a job with Fox News Channel when he leaves office, but also says he’ll entertain any offers.

KYW’s Tony Romeo reports Governor Rendell says rumors that he could land in the Fox den probably stem from the fact that he attended the White House Correspondents’ dinner as a guest of Fox.  He addressed the rumors in response to a question from a reporter for the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette:

“Do I want to be a liberal commentator?  I am now in a position that I am looking for a job.  So anybody who has any interest in talking to me, I will be happy to talk to.  I would be happy to talk to the Gazette, you know? [Laughter.]  So, you know the old saying, ‘beggars can’t be choosy?’ You know, I’m in that situation.”

The governor says he’s had no discussions with and gotten no offers from any channels, but also praises the role conservative Joe Scarborough plays on MSNBC, and says having a progressive commentator on Fox “might make some sense.”

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