A suburban legislator is working to replace the Paoli train station, one of the busier ones on the SEPTA commuter rail system. But he’s got a lot of work ahead of him.

KYW’s David Madden reports Paoli state representative Paul Drucker is excited about a million dollar grant that’ll help put some solar panels near the existing station, creating about 40 jobs.

But his long term vision for what he calls an “intermodal station” involves a whole new facility:

“There’s going to be a residential. There’s going to be a commercial element. We’re going to work on a Town Center there. We’re going to try and make the train station an end place as opposed to a pass through place.”

His plan is long on dreams — thousands of jobs — but short on specifics .like when it might actually happen. But should that new station come to pass, the solar panels could supply power to Amtrak and SEPTA trains that run in the western suburbs.