patrick butch child Munsters' Butch Patrick Denies Marriage RumorsCongratulations from one childhood star to another, as the actor who played Eddie Munster on the “The Munsters” has moved to the Philadelphia suburbs after falling in love with a former Eagles cheerleader.

KYW’s Jim Melwert reports that Philadelphia DJ Danny Bonaduce (who played Danny Partridge on “The Partridge Family”) and Eddie Munster actor Butch Patrick  traded tales this morning of life as former child stars:

(Bonaduce:)  “There’s what they call that ‘awkward phase,’ or what I like to call ‘being a has-been.’  It totally sucked.”

bonaducepatrick Munsters' Butch Patrick Denies Marriage Rumors

(Danny Bonaduce and Butch Patrick this morning at WYSP.)

But on Bonaduce’s morning radio show today on 94WYSP, the 57-year-old Patrick says he’s landed former Eagles’ cheerleader Donna McCall, who hails from West Chester.

Patrick says that 45 years after she first sent him fan mail, the two traded e-mails and finally met:

(Patrick:)  “She pulled up, I looked around the corner. I go, ‘Nice car.’  She pulled up in a Land Rover — nice wheels.”

(Bonaduce:) “Ha!  That’s my boy!  ‘I kinda like her, but she pulled up in a $70,000 car and I knew I was in love.’ ”

Contrary to rumor, Patrick and McCall say they are not married or engaged.  But they say if they do tie the knot, there may be a Munsters-themed wedding.

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