A Lehigh Valley-area carnival company is apologizing for a game that makes what appears to be the image of President Obama the target of foam dart shooters.

obama game1 Pa. Carnival Co. Pulls 'Obama' Dart Game

(Photo courtesy lehighvalleylive.com)

KYW’s Ian Bush reports the game invited summer festival-goers to step right up:

“It was a target that had aliens on it, and it also had an image of a person holding the health care bill.”

That, to some, looked a lot like Barack Obama, complete with a “Prez Sez” belt buckle.  Hit the bullseyes, on his head and heart, and win a prize:

“It was not meant to be that.  But I can see where they could see that.”

Hellertown, Pa.-based Goodtime Amusements president Irvin Good says it was part of the “Alien Attack” game at a number of fairs this summer, but it was only one person attending the Our Lady of Mount Carmel festival in Roseto, Pa., who complained to a newspaper:

“Twenty-six years of trying to do the right thing, and one act of either stupidity or ignorance can possibly undo that.   All I can do is apologize for it.”

Good says he’s done away with the game and hopes this doesn’t hurt the churches and other groups for which his amusements help raise money.

obama game2 Pa. Carnival Co. Pulls 'Obama' Dart Game

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