dicicco curfew City Council Drops Idea of a Special Session on DROP

(File photo)

City Council members have ruled out convening a special session on the Mayor’s request to abolish the lump sum pension perk known as DROP.

KYW’s Mike Dunn reports one day after Mayor Nutter called on Council to abolish DROP as soon as possible, councilman Frank DiCicco (photo) sent a letter to Council president Anna Verna, asking her to convene a special session on the matter, even as soon as this month.

DiCicco says moving quickly is in the interest of taxpayers:

“I’m also concerned that there may be a rush from people who may want to sign up, given the fact that they know the abolishment is probably imminent.”

But Verna, after a conference call with Council leadership, said a special session was not logistically possible at this point and the hearing will likely be held next month. DiCicco and Verna are among six councilmembers enrolled in DROP.

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