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The Princeton Review has released its annual list of top colleges — in categories other than academics.  And this year Penn State has been dethroned from its top spot as a party school.

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KYW’s Margie Smith reports that the University of Georgia is now the #1 party school in the country, and Penn State has been pushed down to #3.

Robert Franek of the Princeton Review describes the 2010 survey:

“We look at consumption of beer, hard liquor, and drugs on campus,  and the popularity of fraternities and sororities on campus.”

And if it’s luxury living you want, stay away from Temple, which ranked 15th in the survey’s Dorms Like Dungeons category:

“It’s important to put out this information.  All of the schools in Best 373, certainly Temple included, are outstanding institutions academically, but there is some criticism.”

For Dorms Like Palaces, Franek says, head to the Main Line.  Bryn Mawr College is number one on that list:

“They are truly, truly glorious at Bryn Mawr.”

Franek says today’s students need more than just SAT help in preparing for college:

“We know that test prep is a part of that, but we want to make sure they’re finding the right campus culture fit, academic fit, financial aid fit, and The Best 373 Colleges gives them those resources to be that very savvy college shopper.”

Princeton University and Swarthmore College both got top honors for great financial aid.  And Penn State also ranked second in career services, so graduates ought to at least be able to get jobs when the party’s over.

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