Despite the fact that he’s close to both of her parents, Governor Rendell won’t be on the guest list for Chelsea Clinton’s wedding today. But the governor shows no signs of being miffed.

KYW’s Tony Romeo reports Governor Rendell became national Democratic Party Chairman during Bill Clinton’s presidency and he was a big supporter of Hillary’s bid for the White House. But the governor has nothing but praise for the elder Clintons for not having been invited to daughter Chelsea’s wedding.

Rendell says he spent some time with Chelsea during the 2008 primary:

“We campaigned. We did a gay bar tour together. And I convinced her to speak in front of nine thousand people at the Palestra. Her father told me she had only spoken before a crowd of a hundred and she’d never agree to it. I got her to agree to it and she did great. But — I’m certainly not someone who I can say who really knows Chelsea. So I think they’ve done this exactly right.”

By that, Rendell — who says he’s never met the groom although he knows his parents — believes that by limiting the guests to people who know the couple, the event will be all about the bride and groom.