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Work is continuing on a new jewel in Philadelphia’s crown.  The new National Museum of American Jewish History will open in November at 5th and Market Streets, on Independence Mall.

jewish museum rendering dl Positively Philadelphia:  Awaiting The Jewish History Museum

“Our core theme is freedom.  Whether you’re Jewish, not Jewish, religious, not religious, there’s a piece of this institution — and of the story we tell — that would speak to anybody who walks into the door.”

That’s museum  curator Josh Perelman, who says there will be much to see:

“We’re really lucky to be able to exhibit Irving Berlin’s piano, documents dating back to the 17th century, an original pair of Levi’s jeans.”

And much to learn:

“They will also come upon stories of folks they may know as part of their daily lives, but may not recognize as Jewish Americans.  One story is that of Estée Lauder, the great cosmetic entrepreneur.”

And much to do:

“Something that we all discussed as a fundamental part of many of our lives who were planning this museum was summer camp.  Summer camp is universal.  There’s actually a media interactive there where you can scroll through other visitors’ summer camp photos.  You can upload your own summer camp photos.”

Perelman says a large light sculpture at the corner of the building will shine over Independence Mall:

“It will be something unlike anybody has seen on Independence Mall, and will really be an iconic piece of the Philadelphia landscape.”

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