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He founded the University of Pennsylvania, invented bifocals and did that nifty trick with the kite and key; you’d think Ben Franklin would have earned a spot to sit and rest. KYW’s Karin Phillips reports now he has one: “Ben’s Bench” is a new fixture in Franklin Square.bens bench e1280334755913 Philly's Favorite Franklin Gets a Seat

Actually, the bench is meant as much to honor Benjamin Franklin impersonator Ralph Archbold (at left in photo) as it is Franklin himself.

The much-beloved Archbold has been portraying America’s favorite statesman and inventor for more than 30 years.

To demonstrate its gratitude, Historic Philadelphia Inc dedicated the bench at Sixth and Race streets, Wednesday.

Archbold was delighted:

“As long as it’s in the shade and it’s in a shady spot, which is great for me.”

The gold plate on the bench reads, “To our Ben Franklin, AKA Ralph Archbold, Philadelphia Cheerleader, Storyteller and Friend, Hip, Hip Huzzah.”

(Photo by KYW’s Karin Phillips)

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