Retailers are hoping to lift the summer doldrums by invoking the year’s busiest shopping season.

KYW’s Pat Loeb reports that more stores and web sites are offering “Christmas in July” sales.

Sears, K-Mart, Walmart, and Toys R Us are  just some of the retailers trying to time-shift the shopping season, though they portray it more as a public service than a marketing ploy.

kmart xmas Retailers Look to "Christmas in July" Sales for a Lift

Sears spokeswoman Natalie Morris-Howser says the chain is just responding to shoppers:

“We were never looking to generate additional sales from a Christmas Lane event like this.”

Morris-Howser says that Sears doesn’t even analyze whether it has increased sales.

But Target must think it works because it’s joined the fray this year with a one-day online sale that spokeswoman Molly Hanus says it is calling “Back In Black Friday.”

(Hanus:)  “This is really about just generating a sense of excitement and a sense of urgency — kind of a get-it-while-it’s-hot mentality.”

Analysts say it could backfire, increasing summer sales but hurting holiday results.

(Graphic from K-Mart web site)

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