The lights — and more importantly, the air conditioners — are back on at a high rise apartment complex in West Philadelphia that was without power all day.

KYW’s Margie Smith reports the building’s mostly elderly residents took it in stride.

“I’m very happy that it’s back on. Everything’s back on. Thank God for that.”

Audrey Kelly and more than 450 other residents of the University Square Apartments at 39th and Market Streets were without electricity for 18 hours — until PECO got an emergency generator up and running. But you won’t hear them complaining.

Some residents stayed in their apartments, but many spent the day outside, socializing with their neighbors. There was even a breeze.

(Resident 1) “It was nice out here. No complaints. I ain’t got none!”

(Resident 2) “They kept us with water, they fed us, they gave us snacks, so it wasn’t so bad.”

One resident says she even “got her groove back” while hanging outside in the heat.

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