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About 50 kids from PAL centers throughout the city are at the Lincoln Financial Feld today for Fantasy Football Camp.

KYW’s Kim Glovas reports that the first part of the day was a pep talk from former Eagles’ wide receiver Harold Carmichael, who explained why he’s part of this program for kids between the ages of six and 18:

“Lincoln Financial is teaming up with PAL, doing the right things. That’s what these guys need. We give them three words each year: choices, decisions, and consequences.  And we ask these guys to listen to those things and take heed to them.”

Philadelphia police sergeant Michael Faust is one of the organizers:

“They’ll have the opportunity to go on to the field, they’ll receive jerseys from these people who have been great to us over the last years that we’ve done this. They’ll have the opportunity to go through some drills with some of the Eagles, whether it’s blocking, kicking, or receiving, and then they’ll have the actual opportunity of playing a flag football game on the field.”

Twelve-year-old Miguel Cintron explains what he’s looking forward to:

“Meeting all my favorite players and all the rookies, see how they play this year.  My favorite player is Mackland.”

That would be wide receiver Jeremy Mackland.

Danny Ziccardi has been a part of PAL for a few years:

“I’m just looking forward to playing on the field and seeing what that’s like.”

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