There’s no AC in AC.

KYW’s Mike DeNardo reports that gamblers and hotel guests at the Trump Plaza and Caesars were sweltering because the properties have been without air conditioning for two days and counting.  The Trump casino has decided to shut its doors while awaiting a fix.

noac denardo No AC in AC: Air Conditioning Kaput at Two Casinos

“I was kind of dopey for staying, but I kept thinking any moment the air’s coming on.”

But it never did, so Sylvia from Manhawkin, NJ was checking out of her room at Caesars.

A major water line that feeds the chiller units at Caesars and Trump Plaza ruptured, knocking out all of the central air conditioning at both properties.

The sweltering casinos remained open for a time, and utility officials estimated the air conditioning wouldn’t be fully restored until Monday.  About midday on Friday,  the Trump casino decided to shut down while it awaited repairs.

Meanwhile, how did Sylvia cope?tempchiller No AC in AC: Air Conditioning Kaput at Two Casinos

“Cold washcloths on my head, and…half naked.”

She was quick to point out she was alone in her room. Sylvia would have fit in over at the Trump Plaza, where a lobby sign asked patrons to “bare with us” until the air conditioning could be fixed.

Casino officials say they don’t expect to have the air conditioning fixed until Monday, but they have brought in some temporary chillers (right) to hold the fort in the meantime.

(Photos by KYW’s Mike DeNardo)

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