After a preliminary hearing today, a district judge has ruled that there is enough evidence to try a former Pennsylvania state lawmaker, who is also a former Rendell cabinet secretary, on corruption charges.

(Stephen Stetler leaves the district justice office after being ordered to stand trial on corruption charges.)

KYW’s Tony Romeo reports that Stephen Stetler served as Governor Rendell’s revenue secretary until he was charged in the attorney general’s legislative corruption probe, and those charges involve Stetler’s activities while a member of the Pennsylvania House, before he joined the administration.

As his preliminary hearing began before a suburban Harrisburg district justice, a woman who worked for Stetler as a state House Democratic caucus employee testified that she spent half of her time or more doing campaign work.

Former House Democratic whip Mike Veon, the onetime number two House Democrat, has already been convicted in the corruption probe, and former House Democratic leader William DeWeese has a preliminary hearing on charges scheduled later this month.

(Photo by KYW’s Tony Romeo)