by KYW’s Pat Loeb

Police are looking for a Delaware County woman who disappeared from the Camden Patco station, July fifth, and hasn’t been heard from since. Family members are frantically searching for her.“It’s not like Jenna not to call. No matter what, she always calls.”

Desiree Caruso says her daughter, 23-year-old Jenna Lord, was so dedicated to calling home that when her cell phone died, last Monday, she borrowed a phone from a stranger at the Patco station. Caruso missed the call. It was the last one Jenna would make before vanishing.

Caruso says she’s spoken to the man whose phone Jenna borrowed:

“He helped her get the ticket because she didn’t know how to do it and his train came a minute before hers so he got on the train and that was the last he seen of her.”

The family has posted photos of her around the station and has scoured the streets of Camden, themselves. Caruso says they intend to keep looking.

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