csinj Students in Audubon, NJ Learning in ''CSI'' Classby KYW’s Steve Tawa

Many families are hooked on the various CSI television shows, and a teacher at Audubon High School is teaching young boys and girls about forensic science at a CSI summer camp.
Audubon High School teacher Eric Miller is doing age appropriate activities to help the eight to eleven 11 year olds work crime scene investigations:

“We cover the basics of forensic science. We’ve taught the basics of what a fingerprint is. Now, we’re learning how to dust for latent or hidden prints and remove them with tape.”

Matthew Brahms, a 10-year-old of Haddon Township, was using technology that would have made Sherlock Holmes proud:

“This iron powder has a magnetic wand that we use to dust. If they have your fingerprint, and the fingerprint that they found at the scene, they know you were at the scene of the crime.”

Miller says the CSI summer camp also covers footware impressions, hair and fiber evidence, and lab work:

“They’ll apply what they’ve learned to try to solve the crime at the end of the week.”

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