by KYW’s Paul Kurtz

A Gilbertsville, Pa. teen who was shot by a cop armed with a taser when he ran onto the field at Citizens Bank Park earlier this year was in court on Thursday.Steven Consalvi, 17, had no comment after he was sentenced to six months probation. Assistant district attorney Colin Burke says Consalvi has entered into what’s known as a “reporting consent decree.”

“Under the terms of the decree he will remain on probation for six months, he will attend mandatory summer school. He will perform 80 hours of community service in Philadelphia at two soup kitchens, St. John’s Hospice and Mercy Hospice.”

Burke said that if Consalvi stays out of trouble, he could apply to have his record expunged in six months.  By that time he’d be wrapping up his first semester at Penn State.

Burke thinks the sentence will send a strong message to other would-be field jumpers:

“As a recent graduate of high school, he doesn’t want to be coming to Philadelphia over 20-plus times throughout the summer to work in the soup kitchen. So I think it’s enough of a deterrent for him, for other kids.”