by KYW’s Brad Segall

A Delaware man has admitted in Montgomery County court that he ripped off the charity that he worked for, a charity that raised money to help people in Third World countries.

Philip Belcher was the warehouse manager at Planet Aid in Upper Moreland. Prosecutors say the charity collected clothing that was sold and the money was used for teacher training and children’s aids around the world.

Prosecutors say Belcher sold more than 5600 pounds of clothing to a contractor and then kept the money for himself.
Prosecutor Tony Gil says the 45-year-old man pleaded guilty to theft:

“Here you’ve got people half a world away who are literally starving and that’s what this charity is supposed to help. However, the defendant just took the money because he’s greedy.”

Belcher sold the clothing for one thousand dollars which he told police he needed to pay child support and his bills. The money was recovered.
He remains free on bail while awaiting sentencing.