by KYW’s Kim Glovas

Hundreds lined up outside the Apple store here at Cherry Hill Mall — and across the country — for the release of the new iPhone4.iphoneline3 Long Lines for Release of Apple's iPhone4

Hundreds of people waited patiently for the doors to open at the Cherry Hill Mall way before dawn. Matt from South Philadelphia was first in line and had been there since 4pm on Wednesday. He explains why he wants THIS phone:

“I want to face chat with people, I like the face chat. I like seeing people’s faces when they are talking to me. There’s a lot of stuff, I like the longer battery, my phone’s getting kinda outdated because I only have the iPhone3.”

Keep in mind the iPhone3 is only one year old. But Matt, like most of the self-described “techno-geeks” want to have the latest when it comes to gadgetry.

(photo by KYW’s Kim Glovas)

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