Top Diners In South Jersey

July 16, 2014 7:00 AM

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Diners are to Jersey what cheesesteaks are to Philly. Here are the best spots to get disco fries, taylor ham and cheese, pecan pie and other diner delicacies in South Jersey. – Chelsea Karnash

Set in a rapidly transforming college town, Angelo’s has stood the test of time as the strip malls and Barnes and Nobles have sprung up around it. And with its rock bottom prices, fast and friendly service and no frills diner fare, let’s hope it sticks around for many more years to come. This spot’s one downfall? Its cash-only policy. Leave the plastic at home and find an ATM before you go.

Huge portions, low prices and service that’s a step above friendly make the Colonial Diner a community favorite. Oh, and the in-house bar doesn’t hurt either. While you may want to avoid this place at certain times (like, when the bars nearby let out), don’t miss out on above average diner dishes like the mac ‘n cheese, fried scallops and the wonderful creation that is croissant french toast.

A landmark diner just off the AC Expressway, this spot has been a stop for many on their way down or back from the shore for years. With solid food and friendly service, we’ll expect it to stick around far into the future.

You could easily pass by this homey storefront eatery in adorable Merchantville, but don’t. Frequent customers rave about the dinner specials, super-creamy chipped beef and tasty corn muffins, but there’s more than that on the menu to keep you coming back. Try a milkshake for a sweet throwback to the soda fountain days of the ‘50s.

This Camden County diner frequently tops best-of lists, and it’s easy to see why once you’ve eaten there. Everything – from the chicken club to the crispy challah french toast and variety of omelets – is above diner quality, and the low prices make you feel like you’re practically stealing the food. A plethora of chrome and red detailing seals the diner deal.

Williamstown’s other diner draws in just as many customers as Geet’s does, especially on the weekends, when the waits can seen interminable. Stick around and be patient though, as the well-done homefries and stellar french toast are worth it.

Located less than 15 minutes from the Ben Franklin Bridge, this Cherry Hill landmark has been pulling in customers from all over for half a century. Clean, bright and family-friendly, Ponzio’s serves up a great breakfast and offers all the usual faves. While some complain it’s gone downhill in recent years, others rave about items such as the crab cakes. But there’s one thing everyone agrees on: The on-site bakery at Ponzio’s is amazing. Try something from the wide array of cakes, breads and pastries, and a return visit is no longer a question.

A departure from the clichéd “greasy spoon,” the Route 130 diner is always clean and sanitized…much like its internet presence. Though there’s no website to speak of and the Facebook page is bare bones, Yelp reviews have the dirt on what to order at the Route 130. Buffalo chicken tenders, battered mushroom bites and breakfast bagel sandwiches come highly recommended, as do the steak fries and chicken parm.

Health-conscious, dieting, vegetarian or suffer from food allergies? This is the place for you! Save for its metallic exterior, the Silver Diner is not your typical Jersey diner. This mini-chain, which also has locations in Maryland and Virginia, partners with local farms and offers health-conscious items such as veggie huevos rancheros and turkey meatballs with quinoa spaghetti.

Good breakfasts, sandwiches and melts make the Swedesboro Diner a good place to bring the kids. And the low, low prices don’t hurt either.

For that true small-town diner feel, head to the Westmont Diner, where everyone either knows your name or the owners will make you feel like they do. Generously stuffed omelets, solid pancakes (with cinnamon butter!) and a variety of healthy options make breakfast the best meal of the day, but don’t discount the diner’s sandwiches, either.

Ahhh, South Jersey diner food in a place that feels a bit more like a restaurant. If you feel like it, you can even pair your chipped beef or pancakes with a drink — there’s even a bar at this Turnersville eatery!

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