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Top Airport Bars At PHL

November 8, 2012 7:00 AM

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Traveling is not usually the fun part of whatever destination lands you at the Philadelphia International Airport. Between massive layovers and cancelled flights, it is virtually impossible to know exactly when your plane may depart or arrive. Before you give up all hope, you might as well explore the local flavor. Start your vacation early with one of these top five Philadelphia International Airport bars.
Jet Rock Bar & Grill
Philadelphia International Airport
8500 Essington Ave.
Philadelphia, PA 19153
(215) 492-4800

This is the beer Garden of Eden inside PHL. If you want a delicious, frothy craft beer and like having more than 48 drafts to choose from, check out Jet Rock Bar & Grill. The food isn’t amazing, but the booze certainly gets high ratings. Expect to pay more at the airport, of course. Located at terminals B, D and F, you can easily find the hops you need to make it home. The Terminal B location has its own kitchen, a full menu and better beer, but if you’re in a time pickle, Terminal D is runner-up.

Chickie’s and Pete’s
Philadelphia International Airport
Term E: (215) 492-0569
Term C: (215) 492-5247
Term A-West: (215) 492-1329

If you want to sample something with the City of Brotherly Love’s flavor, Chickie’s and Pete’s sports bar is the place. Not only does it serve up its signature crabfries, but you can wash it down with one of the daily beer specials and save some cash while you’re at it. Even more good news: You don’t have to run to another terminal to grab a taste. Chickie’s and Pete’s operates in Terminal D, Terminal E, Terminal C and Terminal A-West.

Jack Duggan’s Pub
Philadelphia International Airport
8500 Essington Ave.
Philadelphia, PA 19153
(215) 937-9441

Jack Duggan’s Pub is for those travelers that find themselves stuck close to Terminal A. If you don’t mind a crowded bar that feels like you’re not in the airport, then come here. With wine and IPA drinks nearby, it really doesn’t matter that the food is fried or served on plastic plates. You can get a taste of a real Philadelphia bar and still catch your flight.

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Vino Volo
Philadelphia International Airport
8500 Essington Ave.
Philadelphia, PA 19153
(215) 365-8600

For all of those wine lovers who enjoy the perfect nectar of the gods, Vino Volo is the place to whet your palate. Located in terminals B,C, D and E visitors often wish they could put this place in their pocket and take it home with them. Bringing a little bit of class to the airport along with spacious seating and free Wifi, this oasis from taxing travel will hit that sweet spot. Try a wine flight with some paired appetizers before you take off.

Cibo Bistro & Wine Bar
Philadelphia International Airport
8000 Essington Ave.
Concourse A-West
Philadelphia, PA 19153
(215) 492-4812

Like Vino Volo, Cibo Bistro & Wine Bar offers some flavorful options and cocktails to boot. Another place that brings a bit of class to the airport, this is definitely not your typical airport bar. Also serving free WiFi with its pours, this place even promises the ambiance (and background music) to keep you calm. This is a good spot to have a proper meal and drink or two.

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Cassie Hepler is a freelance writer covering all things Philadelphia. Her work can be found on Examiner.com.

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