Caring For Aging SkinThis is the time of year when many of my patients notice that they think their skin is looking older. Here's what you can do to protect it.
FDA Approves Botox To Treat Crow's FeetIf you have a high school reunion coming up, here's a medical development that you may want to keep an eye on.
Top Philadelphia Spas To Get BotoxFrom fine lines to deep wrinkles, these spas in Philadelphia can help turn back the hands of time.
Botox: For More Than Just A Pretty Face
It's Cooler To Garden In The ShadeLots of gardeners worship the sun, but I learned gardening in the shade can be the cooler way to go.
Health: Customized Wrinkle Treatment Approved By The FDAUsing your own cells to look younger. It's a breakthrough treatment from a Biotech company in Chester County that just got FDA approval.
Wear Sunscreen All The TimeSunscreen should be worn every day of the week and not just at the beach.

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