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FDA Approves Botox To Treat Crow’s Feet

If you have a high school reunion coming up, here’s a medical development that you may want to keep an eye on.


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Top Philadelphia Spas To Get Botox

From fine lines to deep wrinkles, these spas in Philadelphia can help turn back the hands of time.


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Botox: For More Than Just A Pretty Face

By Dr. Brian McDonough, Medical Editor PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – Botox still gets a great deal of attention because of the fact that it can be used to help people get rid of wrinkles. What many […]


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It’s Cooler To Garden In The Shade

Lots of gardeners worship the sun, but I learned gardening in the shade can be the cooler way to go.



Health: Customized Wrinkle Treatment Approved By The FDA

Using your own cells to look younger. It’s a breakthrough treatment from a Biotech company in Chester County that just got FDA approval.


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Wear Sunscreen All The Time

Sunscreen should be worn every day of the week and not just at the beach.