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Study Finds Workplace Rudeness Spreads Like A ColdResearchers say, “Just like the common cold, common negative behaviors can spread easily and have significant consequences for people in organizations.”
Philadelphia Sports Psychologists Tries To Develop Athletes As A Whole“As a mental training coach with a background in educational applied sport psychology, I help athletes of all ages reach their peak performance, both in and out of their chosen sport, however, for me, it’s not just about improving an athlete’s mindset, but developing the athlete as a whole," says Dr. K.C. Wilder.
Philadelphia Attorney Advises Law Students To Be Passionate“Be very sure this is the right path for you. All legal careers have important issues at their heart, and all have clients who care very deeply about their causes, but in the criminal justice system, liberty is at stake,” says Attorney Ellen Brotman.
Philadelphia CEO Inspires Team To Take More Initiative“My goal is to inspire my team to take more initiative on their own, rather than tell them what to do and hope they listen,” says Geoff Gross.
Finding A Mentor Is Crucial When Seeking A Position In Healthcare"Finding an encouraging and caring mentor or professional support network is also crucial," says Aniela Glinski.
Education The Foundation To Principles Of Personal Growth“The education is simply a foundation to help apply the principles of people and personal growth like a canvas is to a painter,” says Jared Scherz.
3 Exercises To Help You Succeed At WorkWant to get those creative juices flowing? Try these three simple tips from Barnet Bain, author of "The Book Of Doing And Being."
Knowledge, Experience Brings New Opportunities Says Philadelphia Therapist“It is the diversity of knowledge and experience that provides the ability to see things others might have missed, and take advantage of opportunities outside of the common ones,” says Russell Bonanno.
Experience Different School Settings To Find Niche, Says Philadelphia Principal“Many excellent teachers end up leaving the profession earlier because the first teaching job they find is in a school or a grade not suited to them. That is why it is important for prospective and new teachers to spend as much time as possible in different school settings as volunteers.”
Harvard Study Claims Daughters Of Working Moms Earn More And Are More Likely To Be BossesLeaving your child to go to work is actually better for them, according to researchers from Harvard Business School.
Philadelphia Marketing Founder Went From Homeless To Business OwnerMalik Boyd, Founder of Premiere Brand Marketing, grew up in Philadelphia and found himself sleeping at Penn Station. After finally finding temporary gigs in New York, he was able to build a resume geared towards a marketing career.
Philadelphia Tech Company Is Transforming The Business Processes“Our partnership with Apple’s Business Channel truly enables shared clients to transform their business processes through mobile technologies in simple, powerful ways,” says Steve Metzman.