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Dictationary App

Dictationary lets you quickly find the meaning of whatever confuses you – through voice searches.


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Dictionary Adds 1,700 New Words, Including ‘Emoji’ And ‘Photobomb’

“Jeggings” and “NSFW” are two more examples of the 2015 additions.


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Oxford Dictionaries Names 2014’s ‘Word Of The Year’

Last year, it was selfie. This year, it’s…vape?


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Thesaurasize App

Thesaurasize acts as a mobile thesaurus, offering synonyms – both traditional and unusual – for just about any word you can imagine.


Foreign Language Club

One Word Universally Understood

Are there words understood universally across countries and cultures? Huh?


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Oxford Adds ‘Twerk,’ ‘Selfie’ To Online Dictionary

“Squee,” “guac” and “babymoon” all made the cut too, along with some, um, lesser-known newbies like “dappy” and “grats.”


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Author: ‘100 More Words Every High School Graduate Should Know’

There’s no firm agreement on how many words are in the English language, but it’s easily hundreds of thousands, of which we regularly use a small percentage.


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Word Dynamo

While it might seem that a good vocabulary is being left behind in the world of text messages, it’s still a valuable skill. Word Dynamo is a fun way to beef up your library of terms.


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Dadisms – The Things Fathers Come Up With When They Run Out of Words

Dads are known for saying some pretty memorable things and sometimes we often find ourselves repeating the same lines to our own kids or in our daily lives. Here’s a list of the more memorable things that only would come from dad, called simply dadisms.