Women’s Suffrage

(Rosemarie Greco, at lectern, and Lynn Yeakel, partially hidden, announce plans for the 2020 celebration of women's suffrage in America.  Credit: Pat Loeb)

Philadelphia Groups Working on 2020 Celebration of Women’s Suffrage in America

Hoping to make Philadelphia the epicenter of the nation’s centennial celebration of women’s right to vote, organizers have announced their plans — seven years before the anniversary.


(Alice Paul (1885- 1977) Credit: Cherri Gregg)

Local Push for Congressional Medal For Women’s Suffrage Leader From South Jersey

A local movement is brewing to award a U.S. Congressional Gold Medal, the highest honor for a civilian, to one of the nation’s leaders in the woman’s suffrage movement.


(credit: librarycompany.org)

Celebrating Women’s History Month

As we celebrate Women’s History month, women are still making history. In the 113th Congress, the number of women on Capitol Hill grew to an all-time high – and the group is more diverse than ever as well.


Ida B. Wells

Who Was Ida B. Wells?

It’s Black History Month. Ida B. Wells, an investigative journalist who confronted issues such as Jim Crow laws and lynching, cannot be left out of that story.