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Court Officials Plan Crackdown On Philadelphia Residents Who Skip Jury Duty

Leaders of Philadelphia’s court system say they face a “crisis” because so many people are willfully ignoring summons to show up for jury duty. Now, a top judge plans a crackdown.


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Four Men Charged In Attempted Killing Of Shooting Witness

Four men are in police custody, charged with trying to murder a witness in a shooting case in November, 2010.


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Philadelphia Teen Pleads Guilty To Witness Intimidation Via Social Media

A 17-year-old Philadelphia boy charged with witness intimidation and making terrorist threats by way of Twitter pleaded guilty Wednesday in family court.


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Police: Teen Ran Social Media ‘Rats’ Account

A teen faces charges of witness intimidation and terroristic threats in connection with a social media account that revealed the names of victims and witnesses in criminal cases, police said.


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Authorities Investigate Instagram Account Allegedly Used To Identify, Intimidate Crime Witnesses

The account was “Rats215″ on Instagram. No longer active, it was created to quote, “expose rats”. Pictures were posted, along with witness testimony and police statements.


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New Bill To Be Introduced That Would Make Witness Intimidation A Federal Offense

It’s a scenario that Dorothy Johnson-Speight hears over and over from members of the group she founded, Mothers in Charge.


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Phila. Judge Revokes Bail After Defendant Accused of Intimidating Witness in Courtroom

Assistant district attorney Douglas Rhoads says he was in Courtroom 608 on an unrelated case when he heard defendant Gerald Andrews talking to the witness, “referring to her as a snitch, and essentially telling her to stop snitching.”


Grand Juries New Tool Against Witness Intimidation In Philadelphia

Right now, terrified witnesses are required to appear in open court to testify at preliminary hearings. But a rule change means the DA’s office can instead have witnesses testify in secret before grand juries to establish whether there is enough evidence to bring a suspect to trial in felony cases where witness intimidation is a concern.


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Source: Juror In Piazza Murder Case May Have Been Intimidated

Two more jurors have been dismissed from the panel hearing the “Piazza at Schmidt’s” double murder case.


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Community College of Phila. Hosts Conference Exploring Witness Reluctance

“Snitching” and witness reluctance were the focus of a daylong conference at Community College of Philadelphia.


Court Initiatives Focus On Witness Intimidation, Victim Convenience

A group of criminal justice system officials, focusing on Philadelphia, has announced two new initiatives: a best-practices guide book for judges to deal with the pervasive problem of victim-witness threats and intimidation, and a court rule change that will spare victims from coming to court to state the obvious.


Philadelphia Increases Funds to Protect Crime Witnesses

by KYW’s John Ostapkovich The City of Philadelphia has put up $200,000 for witness protection, a move with both practical and symbolic effects.