Old Edger Breaks The IceTrying to break the ice, we tried a number of tools in the shed. The big winner was a bit of a surprise.
A Snow Shovel With Spring BenefitsWhy am I telling you about a snow shovel in a garden report?
Witch Hazels In Full Bloom At Morris ArboretumWhat’s blooming this time of year? Not a lot, but witch hazels are among the few shrubs that do flower in winter.
Winter Won't WinEven though most gardens in our region show little promise under the near-constant cover of snow, don't worry. Winter won't win.
Gardening In Your GarageI planted tulips a couple of weeks ago. Not in the ground, since I couldn’t see the ground much less dig in it, but in my garage.
Caring For Snow-covered ShrubsDo you have to go around cleaning the snow off your shrubs? No. Do I? Well, for some shrubs…I do.
Transform Winter Lawn 'Ornaments' To Easy Holiday PotsSometimes it seems like too much bother or expense to make festive holiday pots but a simple solution could be just outside your door.
Protect Your Pots Into WinterTerracotta, and even glazed clay pots, can crack from freezing and thawing in winter weather. Protect them or pay the price.
Saving Seeds From Your GardenSaving seeds from plants you grew makes it easy to share plants you love.
Witchhazel Brightens A Gray GardenFlowers in winter gardens are few and far between, but witchhazels are one large shrub that blooms when everything else looks drab or dead.
Peeling Bark May Be AppealingPeeling bark can be very pretty. I have friends who don't get the appeal, so to speak, and think any tree or shrub with exfoliating bark looks diseased or messy. But at this time of year, some peeling can be quite interesting.
Pansies Bloom Through SnowSince there's not much available in January, this is when you'll be particularly pleased if you planted pansies last fall.

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